Corona speed is now declining in India

Corona speed is now declining in India. Where there has been a decrease in the number of positive cases. On the other hand, the death toll has increased once again today. But in the meantime, it is a matter of relief that the recovery rate has been much better than before, with 3 lakh 62 thousand patients recovering in a day and has crossed the two crore mark. This is the fifth time in the last five days that the number of cured people has exceeded the daily incidence.

Now in many states, the lack of oxygen is gradually being overcome, but the rush of ramdescivir injection remains constant. With the recovery of 3 lakh 78 thousand patients a day, it has crossed the 2 crore mark. This is the sixth time in the last seven days when the number of recovers has exceeded the daily cases.

In 24 hours, 2 lakh 81 thousand new Kovid-19 cases were reported in India. The highest number of cases came on May 7, when the figure was recorded at 4 lakh 14 thousand. But in the last 9 days, it has decreased by 1 lakh 3 thousand 745, and after that the active case record has decreased by 1 lakh today.

The number of critical care beds in the country is also causing problems. Such photographs have come out from many places across the country. In which there are queues outside hospitals or patients have to wait for beds. A similar fight is being seen for oxygen and injection as well. However, it is worth noting here that there is no need for Remedesivir injection as much as people are worried about it.

Recently there was a huge crowd of people in Chennai for Remdesiver. The WHO also stated in clear terms that Remedisvir cannot save the patient's life but can only be used as a treatment in a moderate condition and if not found, it is not necessary to use it.

Meanwhile, the status of Kovid-19 was reviewed by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on Saturday at a high-level meeting. During this time there was a discussion that the investigation should be increased in those areas where the infection rate is high. Door-to-door investigation and surveillance should be arranged in the villages. Ventilators will be audited in the states.

The Government of India is also focused on vaccination. Now the vaccination of youth above 18 years has started. So far about 18.22 crore people have been vaccinated in India. Registration has also started for every adult beginning May 1.


Avoidance of vaccination only

India has done a lot of work to prevent corona. India is the only country that has not only developed the Corona vaccine but has also made the vaccine available to other countries. India has so far developed 2 vaccines, Kovishield and Kovichen, and the third Russian vaccine Sputnik-V has also arrived, and now India is working on 5 more vaccines.

Vaccination work is going on in India from 16 January 2021. Both these vaccines are approved by the Emergency Vaccine. Vaccination has now been started in India to all people above 18 years of age. At the same time, Corona vaccine has been applied to 18.22 crore people in India. The tribal people are refusing to take the vaccine, they believe that after taking the vaccine, there are heavy side effects, but the vaccine is the only solution to fight the corona.

Experiments on vaccination are being done in different ways all the time, as a new research has found that the difference in vaccine dosage can save the lives of the elderly (people above 65), which was done in the UK and the lives of 42 thousand elderly people. Saved.
Why double mutant virus is worrisome

There is also a concern in this type of virus that it learns to fight immunity and drugs. One mutation of what was observed with the UK strain is also with the double mutant virus. It is easily damaged by reaching inside the body. Three forms of the virus have caused the second wave to become dangerous, including B117, B1618, and B1617. The same experts say that B1617 is more contagious and more prone to spread.

This variant is responsible for the dreaded state of infection in many states including Maharashtra. It is also seen that this variant affects people more than the variants, and the youth are also more vulnerable. It is also a matter of concern that it has also come to the attention of doctors that this variant is also learning to bypass antibodies.
Why the need for a foreign vaccine

Sputnik V

Sputnik V has been approved in India and after the approval of CDSCO its first dose has been given in Hyderabad and it has two doses and one dose will be priced at Rs 995. Accordingly, both doses cost Rs. 1990, the second dose is Rs. It is to be taken from three weeks to three months later. With this, the shortage of vaccine will be slightly bridged. Its production in India will start from July, it will be made by 6 companies together.


Pfizer has announced a Rs 500 crore vaccine for India, which Fizer announced after the lack of vaccine. If everything goes well then after the approval of CDSCO we will also see the fourth vaccine in India. Those recently taking both doses of the US Fishers and Moderna brand Kovid injections reduce the risk of getting infected with corona by 94 percent, meaning the risk of infection is reduced to just 6 percent. This claim has been made in the largest study based on the real world so far.

Stop Plasma Therapy

Several research has revealed that corona patients are no longer benefited from plasma therapy, after which the government and ICMR have decided to remove it from the corona guidelines. The health professional stated that the guidelines related to plasma therapy are not based on the available evidence. Some preliminary evidence has also been revealed, which suggests that when given plasma therapy to people with very low immunity, neutralizing antibodies are reduced, and different variants emerge. According to the same tests conducted on 11000 people in the UK, plasma therapy does not do any miracle. Last year, ICMR also said that this therapy is not effective in reducing corona treatment and mortality. Seeing all these things and on the advice of doctors and scientists have decided to remove it.

Desi Dawa 2DG Launch -

DRDO's Corona drug, which has been in discussion for so many days, has now been launched finally. The anti-Kovid drug 2-DG was launched by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. The first batch of the drug, prepared by Ready Laboratory, has been released. This drug will serve as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of acute and severe corona patients. This will reduce the need for oxygen. This medicine will be available in powder, which the patient has to drink after mixing it in water.

Accelerating Vaccination -

To meet the shortage of the vaccine, the government has decided to increase its production, however, the foreign vaccine is under discussion and one of them has started Sputnik; But the government has earmarked 5 companies for production in the country, which includes 3 government and 2 private companies. It will produce Kovaxin, which will produce seven crore vaccines from September. Apart from this, India Biotech will continue its production.

One thing that is worrying about the onset of vaccination in India is that double mutant virus has also been found in new corona patients. After December 2020, there was some shortage in the Corona case. But suddenly a new strain of the disease was noticed. The effect of which was first seen in Maharashtra and Kerala. This new strain is being described as more dangerous.

Till now Samanya was finding it difficult to fight the corona and this new strain in which the corona is said to be more powerful virus. If understood in common language, the virus changes its structure over time to become more deadly. Double mutant virus is found in Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh.

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Excess of patients with new symptoms

In the second wave of corona, new symptoms are presently present such as pink / red eyes, hearing problem, stomach or bowel problems, tongue irritation which is being called as Kovid Tong, experts say that these symptoms are mild Should not be taken.

Symptoms of corona at present
Black Fungus

Black fungus is called Mucaricosis in science language, this disease has increased the pain from patients to doctors. Many cases of black fungus have been reported in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh. This fungus thrives in soil, manure, rotten fruits or vegetables, which can also be found in air and human mucus.

It can enter the body through the nose, contact with soil, or blood, and can target the skin, brain, and lungs, with a mortality rate of up to 50 percent. In this treatment, the patients may have a chance to get out of the eye.

Most of the patients in India who are suffering from diabetes or who have been given steroids during the treatment of corona, are falling victim to it.

Recently ten patients were found in Bihar and in many states, especially in patients with diabetes, corona has reported cases of black fungus.

Symptoms of black fungus

Nasal congestion

Nose bleed

Eye and headache

Swelling on face



vomit blood